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Never Say Never; Our Future with CrossFit

It is with both pride and excitement that we celebrate the New Year with an optimistic vision, one that includes the re-affiliation with the CrossFit company. After thorough consideration with our members, extensive conversations with HQ representative, and many sleepless nights, I am proud to say that we as a collective will be moving forward and re-joining the brand that brought us where we are today.

Under passionate new leadership at headquarters, and with the trust that our values are congruent with those represented at the top, we can confidently join forces again and move towards an even healthier and happier fitness community.

Change, true and lasting change, has yet to be proven and critics will remain. But nobody and no company is without faults, and standing idly by in passive hope that progress will be made is fruitless. The progress we aim to see can only take place through a conscious and deliberate team effort - and CrossFit has now made the space for this to happen.

We have witnessed the power of our voices when times were tough, and we can move forward knowing that with this same power we can be part of the lasting change we wish to see.

CrossFit, for many of us, has been life-changing. And like many life changing endeavors, they are not without turbulence. But we are built for turbulence, we are resilient, and we are fortunate enough to be able to continue flying.

Cheers to a New Year, with the knowledge of the past fueling the passion for the future.

With love and sweat,

Reaction Fitness Collective, home of CrossFit Reaction


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