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No Sweat Intro 

To get started, you will sit down with one of our coaching staff for a free 20 minute “No Sweat Intro”. We'll get you scheduled to come get a tour of our facility, discuss your short and long term goals and talk one-on-one about your unique fitness history. We all have different starting points, and it's important for your future self to understand where you are currently. During the “No Sweat Intro” your coach will hear from you and help guide you in the direction most appropraite for your goals and lifestyle.

What is Functional Fitness?  Our Functional Fitness and CrossFit program seeks to build strength, speed, stamina, and agility for members as a way to safely and efficiently navigate the physical world and the demands it places on our bodies. Simply put, we aim to teach, train, and replicate the movements necessary to live an independent life: pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, walking, running. We combine a variety of strength and conditioning tools to give members a uniquely challenging experience with every workout!

Our Facility   Located in the heart of Downtown Greenville, our facility offers a wide range of equipment to help you reach your goals. We also offer full amenities including showers, water, and clean snacks to keep you feeling good before, during, and after your workout!

RFC Community  The Reaction Fitness Collective community is what makes the gym what it is. From the OG's who have been at RFC for 10+ years to the newest member in the Foundations Classes, Reaction Fitness Collective cultivates a culture of inclusion, hard work,  and support.

Our Team  Our coaches bring a wide variety of experiences and specialities to the team. Ranging from Mobility to Weightlifting and Nutrition certifications, our coaches have got you covered! We are all here to help make your experience the best hour of your day and help you identify and achieve your greatest potential.

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