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6 Reasons why competitions can increase personal growth:

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Signing up for competitions in CrossFit (or any sport) can offer numerous benefits for athletes and individuals interested in fitness. Here are 6 reasons why it's good to take the nervous leap into competitions:

Reason #1- Goals & Motivation

Competitions provide athletes with a specific goal to work towards. Whether it's improving personal performance or aiming for a podium finish, having a goal has proven to be highly motivating- giving athletes a sense of purpose and direction in their training.

Reason #2 - Skill Development

Competing challenges athletes to push their limits and improve on or gain new skills. The positive pressure of competing often brings out a fierce desire in athletes to develop or practice skills.

Reason #3 - Confidence and Self-Belief

Participating in a competition can show the athlete how much their hard work has paid off! It validates the dedicated work and intentional practice, showing the athlete that things they once thought were out of reach are now within their abilities.

Reason #4 - Building Community

An unassuming benefit, competitions can create opportunities to meet other like-minded people and build a network within the CrossFit (or other) community. This can lead to all kinds of new connections, originating from the bond of fitness.

Reason #5 - Identifying Areas of Improvement

Competing can highlight an athlete's strengths and weaknesses. This feedback is valuable in identifying areas that need improvement and refining training strategies, and can reignite some passion behind a new training cycle!

Reason #6 - Create Lasting Memories

Last, and arguably the most important, competitions create lasting memories- whether it's from achieving a significant victory or simply enjoying the experience with friends and teammates. Many athletes have memories from their "first ever" event, from the time they PR'd a lift, or simply from the bond created with their friends, and this makes all the hard work worth it :)

Participating in CrossFit or other fitness competitions not only provides a platform to showcase skills but also promotes personal growth, character development, and a sense of accomplishment. It is an enriching experience that contributes to the overall well-being of individuals involved in sports.

Interested in setting a competition goal? We are here to help!


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