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Our mission at Reaction Fitness Collective is to promote healthy and wholesome lifestyles through community-driven fitness.


Growth  We aim to inspire and empower growth, both within each other and the ever-changing world around us. Growth for us represents a mindset that we are open to and accepting of our opportunities- be that on the gym floor, in our homes, or in our communities. We acknowledge that growth can happen in many forms, whether that’s embracing the discomfort of a workout, or embracing the discomfort of change, always coming out a little stronger than before.

Balance  We value balance by acknowledging that what we do inside the gym helps us live better, more flourishing lives outside of the gym.

The physical exertion of exercise is just one piece of a much larger puzzle, and want you to feel empowered to supplement your lifestyle with healthy relationships, nutrition, self-care, and more.

Acceptance  Acceptance starts with the self, but we are here to help. We aim to foster a culture of respect and encouragement for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, identities, and abilities- using fitness and exercise as a way to break down barriers and build up relationships.


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Amy Fryt
Daniel Sterling

Owner and Head Coach

Amy is a CF-L2 Certified trainer as well as USAW L-1 Certified. She is a passionate believer that fitness can be used as an expression of character, and that it provides a medium for forging mental fortitude in all aspects of life. She thrives in the gym as a learning environment, using her extensive gymnastics background and collegiate track and field experience to help members build foundational body awareness, an understanding of movement patterns and ultimately working to promote efficiency in exercise and life. 

Amy’s goal as a coach and the owner of Reaction Fitness Collective is to help all members recognize their potential, overcome perceived limitations, and help them realize their greatest self. 

Kaitlan Wilday


Kaitlan holds several certifications in the training and fitness community; CF-L1, CF-L2, USAW L-1, CF Movement and Mobility, CF Gymnastics, ACSM-CPT. She utilizes this extensive background to provide members with a comprehensive experience as she helps them down their own personal journey in health and wellness.

Coach and Lead Trainer

Daniel is a CF-L2 Certified Trainer as well as a certified nutrition coach. He has been coaching and training in the CrossFit sphere since age 18, and has worked his way to become one of our top trainers. Providing an unwavering pursuit of virtuosity, he can help you achieve your fitness goals in the class setting, personal training, or personalized programming. 

Christian Carmona


Christian comes to us with years of coaching experience and leads with an empathetic heart and a contagious smile. Acknowledged by members as being one of the most patient leaders, he is always willing to help guide our members at their own pace. 

Carrie McClenaghan

Coach and General Manager

After graduating from college, Carrie wanted to find something that could satisfy her competitive nature and drive for personal improvement.  A friend invited to her try Reaction Fitness Collective in June 2012 and she’s been a passionate member ever since!

Carrie’s goal as a coach is for each athlete to receive instruction and guidance that will enable them to grow and develop physically, psychologically and socially.  She wants to help facilitate positive change in each of the athletes, not just in the gym, but in their lives as a whole.

Haley Jameson

Coach, CF-L2

Haley, a Greenville native, grew up playing sports and excelled as a high school varsity athlete in soccer, basketball, and swimming. She started at Reaction Fitness Collective in 2016 and fell in love with the sport of fitness. She is passionate about the process, the constant challenge, the measurable results, and the community that our fitness methodology embodies. You can find her pushing clients to pursue their own version of greatness in the gym walls and beyond!

Dr. Cody Gingerich
Lindsey Lane
Dr. Jessica Gingerich


Cody is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified in the Clinical Management of Fitness Athletes, and CF-L1. He began CrossFit while in physical therapy school and loved the community and challenges that it brought daily. Cody is the owner of a Performance Physical Therapy clinic Onward Greenville, and has been able to see how CrossFit changes people's lives through exercise. He loves getting to help new and experienced athletes become the best they can be. Whether you want to come and sweat with friends, or improve as a competitive CrossFit athlete, he is able to help you achieve all of your goals! 


Lindsey discovered CrossFit following a very successful collegiate soccer career at University of South Carolina. She is a true lover of the process, and this becomes apparent as she coaches and guides members through their class experience. Lindsey is CF-L1 and WAG Certified, and is the owner of two business: Landy Design, Co. and No End Performance. You can find Lindsey chasing her dreams day in and day out, and is always up for a new book recommendation! 


Dr. Jessica Gingerich is a pelvic health and orthopedic physical therapist, a certified athletic trainer, and CF-L1. She is trained as an internal pelvic floor clinician and specializes in the management of postpartum care with a focus on return to exercise.

She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Lynchburg and her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Roanoke College.

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Chris Cain

Personal Trainer

Chris is a long-time coach and owner of Blitz Belts. He brings a passion for movement and athlete well-being to the table along with a creative mindset that allows for wildly interesting workouts! In between his belt design and production, you can find Chris on Sundays for his one-of-a-kind workouts as well personal training clients. 


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