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Reaction Team!

Welcome to the start of a new season! Hopefully you are all enjoying the cooler weather and less humidity :)

As we look ahead, I wanted to lay out some upcoming programming plans and new class offerings!


Get ready for the gains, as we spend the month of October bending knees and hitting PRs! Our version of Sqautober will include at least 4 days/week of some variation of squats. This will not be a max out lift every day 😅, but a variety of heavy lifts mixed in with low percentage work.

We are also teaming up with Blitz Belts to give away one free custom Blitz Belt for the member with the highest participation.The member with the highest participation of our Squatober event will receive a free custom Blitz Belt, valued at $130. If it comes to a tie, those members will be entered into a drawing to win.

This will be based off participation, not raw numbers, so if Mimi squats 450 and Scott squats 105 he will still have a chance to win :)

Speciality Classes + Open Gym

Starting Thursday, October 1, we will be offering unique speciality classes, designed to be fun and constructive, with an emphasis on learning specific skills, drills, and movements to help advance your weekly training. ⠀


Every Thursday evening, you will have the opportunity to work on: Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, and/or Bodybuilding. The specialty classes will rotate on a weekly basis, with the specific schedule released on Wodify each week.

Should you want to come in for a regular workout (not specialty class) feel free to use Open Gym during this time.

Thursday PM Schedule:

4pm-8pm Open Gym

*4pm: Specialty Class 1

*5:30pm Specialty Class 2

*7pm Speciality Class 3

Sunday Returns!

The Sunday schedule has experienced a post-quarantine GLOW UP and we are now offering both Open Gym and Burn class, as well as our brand new Women's Wellness Program.

Sunday Schedule:

10am-12pm Open Gym

11am Burn

4:30pm Women's Wellness

Women's Wellness Program

The Women’s Wellness Program is a female coached, all-female, strength, conditioning, and empowerment program that focuses on building strong women, both inside and out. This is a fun and supportive class, designed for women of all fitness levels with varying fitness goals. Our aim is to empower women to be confident in their own skin and their abilities, using group fitness and wellness activities as a platform to do so.

The Women's Program will meet for one hour on Sundays at 4:30pm.

We're excited to get all of this going for you all, and look forward to a great Fall!


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