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Second Sundays!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Team! We are excited to announce the start of Reaction's Second Sundays!! This will be our chance to explore activities outside of the gym and beyond the 3-2-1-GO; meeting every 2nd Sunday of the month.

Activities can be coach and/or member-led or facilitated. This means that YOU can be part of organizing an activity. It can really be anything: trail run, bike ride, casual hike, frisbee in the park, yoga, strawberry picking, an hour at the cat cafe, etc. etc.

It doesn't necessarily have to be exercise-oriented, just something that helps stretch our minds, bodies, and souls.

Each month we will announce the activity planned for that second Sunday. Details and sign up sheet will be posted at the gym. If you are interested and would like to go ahead and claim a Sunday please let me know and we'll get you on the calendar! Our first outing will be hosted by Carrie McClenaghan at Top Golf on July 12th! Get ready!!!


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