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Reaction Fitness Scholarship Fund

One of the core values of Reaction Fitness is growth- both individually and collectively. To remain in line with this value and to promote inclusive fitness in our community, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Reaction Fitness Scholarship Fund.


As we all know, the physical and mental benefits of exercise are far-reaching, and can have especially profound effects on those individuals who lack resource availability and support. This fund is designed as an intentional effort to create a more inclusive fitness environment for all, regardless of any limitations.


The mission of the Fund is to reduce or eliminate the barrier to entry for marginalized members of the community, creating greater access to safe spaces to exercise. With the unequivocal correlation between low-income households and higher obesity rates, as well as a disproportiante lack of representation in the sport of fitness, this Fund will aim to address the inequalities in the physical and social environments in which youth and adults engage.


The goal of the Fund is to supplement the cost of membership while providing access to our functional fitness programs. Potential recipients will be able to apply for the scholarship fund either online or in-person. We encourage active members to nominate individuals to apply for the fund.


  1. Apply for the Scholarship Fund

  2. If deemed a candidate by our Review Board, applicant will come in for an in-person consultation and set expectations

  3. If approved, applicant will soon start with Reaction Fitness!

1 comentário

Carrie McClenaghan
Carrie McClenaghan
16 de ago. de 2020

Extremely proud that RFC is a part of helping functional fitness become available to all!

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