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Reaction Fitness Collective

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

To the Reaction family- both immediate and extended, new and old, those who have been and those who will be:

We welcome you to the next chapter. We are excited to announce the launch of Reaction Fitness Collective.

As we move forward, I believe it is important to acknowledge and identify the “why” behind some of these changes, helping to create a clear picture for our future.

Our Name

Reaction Fitness Collective

“Reaction” symbolizes the decade of fitness that came before us, the acknowledgment of our past, and the recognition that it is not the adversity itself, but the reaction to that adversity that defines us.

“Fitness Collective” symbolizes a cooperative enterprise built to represent the collective ideas, purposes, movements, and goals of the many individuals who make up our wonderful fitness community. It is our space, our gym, and our goals- where the sum is much greater and much richer than its parts.

Our Color


Blue has many meanings, but is most often associated with open spaces, freedom, expansiveness, trust, and confidence. These characteristics align with the environment in which we aim to provide- a space that is open to limitless opportunities and recognizing the vast human potential that we can achieve.

Our Mission

Our mission at Reaction Fitness Collective is to promote healthy and wholesome lifestyles through community-driven fitness.

Our Values

Growth: We aim to inspire and empower growth, both within each other and the ever-changing world around us. Growth for us represents a mindset that we are open to and accepting of our opportunities- be that on the gym floor, in our homes, or in our communities. We acknowledge that growth can happen in many forms, whether that’s embracing the discomfort of a workout, or embracing the discomfort of change, always coming out a little stronger than before.

Balance: We value balance by acknowledging that what we do inside the gym helps us live better, more flourishing lives outside of the gym. The physical exertion of exercise is just one piece of a much larger puzzle, and want you to feel empowered to supplement your lifestyle with healthy relationships, nutrition, self-care, and more.

Acceptance: Acceptance starts with the self, but we are here to help. We aim to foster a culture of respect and encouragement for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, identities, and abilities- using fitness and exercise as a way to break down barriers and build up relationships.

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